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Where expertise meets dedication. Adam Beveridge, the driving force behind our company, brings over 35 years of experience to the Plastics' Industry, specializing in Injection Moulding Machines. Adam’s son Blake has also been an integral part of the family business since 2015, consistently delivering top-notch services to meet our customer’s needs.

Adam's journey in the industry began at ACI Plastics in 1987, where he honed his skills until 1995. He then transitioned to BEST Technical Services, starting as an A Grade Electrician and eventually rising to the position of Service Manager. His dedication and expertise led him to Hightech Electrics, where he played a pivotal role for over a decade, managing a team of six and servicing businesses across Australia.

Entrepreneurial Spirit:

In 2013, Adam took a bold step and started his own business ‘Bosh Electrical Services Pty Ltd’. His vision was to provide specialized services in industrial machinery breakdown and maintenance. The company's primary focus is ensuring minimal downtime for our clients and trusting us as their primary electricians for more than a decade.

Global Experience:

Adam and Blake’s commitment to excellence has taken them around the world. They have accumulated extensive knowledge on various Injection Moulding machines and conducting training sessions globally. With a strong emphasis on continuous learning, they have made numerous trips to China, staying abreast of the latest technologies.

Chen Hsong Machinery Australian Agent:

Recognized for their profound expertise, Adam and Blake have become the Australian Agent for Chen Hsong Machinery. With over two decades of experience and in-depth knowledge, they have undergone extensive training on Chen Hsong Machinery & Alfa Robots. This partnership solidifies their commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to their clients.

At Bosh Electrical Services, they pride themselves on maintaining the operational efficiency of their clients' machinery. With Adam Beveridge at the helm, they bring not just experience but a legacy of trust and reliability.

Please feel free to reach out to Bosh Electrical Services Pty Ltd at accounts@boshelectricalservices.com to explore how we can assist you.


Bosh Electrical Services Pty specializes in addressing breakdowns and providing maintenance for industrial machinery. Our expertise extends to a wide range of clients throughout Victoria, and we also handle intermittent projects outside the state, focusing on the installation and commissioning of new machinery.

Industrial Machinery Breakdown and Service:

Swift response to breakdowns and minimize downtime.

Proactive maintenance to prevent unforeseen issues.

Installation and Commissioning:

Expertise in setting up and commissioning new machinery.

Interstate services for seamless project execution.

Injection Moulding Machines Expertise:

Specialization in Injection Moulding Machines for over 35 years.

Extensive knowledge of various machine types and brands.

Global Experience:

Utilization of insights gained from worldwide training and exposure.

A commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

Legacy of Trust:
Over a decade of trust from clients who consider us their primary electricians.
A seamless transition from Adam's extensive industry background to Bosh Electrical Services.
At Bosh Electrical Services, we prioritize the operational efficiency of your machinery.

With a commitment to excellence and a legacy of trust, we deliver services that go beyond expectations.
Partner with us for unparalleled expertise in industrial electrical services.

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